Can somebody tell MSI about this coz their website doesn’t even have an online tech support for some of their products?!?! If you fail to enter the correct Bluetooth passkey then you will be greeted by several dialog boxes like below. So, I am not the only one with that problem. Very nice this sollution, but I’m not planning to completly reinstall all my ubs hubs! Or you could disable your ad-blocker for this site.

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In the permissions dialog, look in the Group msi bluetooth usb dongle or User name box for your normal account or the “Users” group, and then set Permissions to Full Control. If you are not confident editing the registry, don’t proceed any further!

Remove your network cable, or your wireless card! Save the key to a file, e. But if the XP Computer looses allready the internet connection after the installation of the bluetooth adapter – this is not yet possible. I would be happy to get some news about mmsi problematic I’m getting exactly the same. Install BToes software as per msi bluetooth usb dongle. Anybody already got a solution?

There in no Bluetooth device in the system overview.

In The Box When you open up msi bluetooth usb dongle box you will find the very small USB plug, with a plastic cap on bluetoogh you can protect the USB plug when you take it away with you, and also a lanyard chord msi bluetooth usb dongle if you want to be hip and cool, you can hang the Bluetooth Adapter from your neck. All you need to do is open up your GPS software and connect on the COM port it has bound to which can be changed later and you should start receiving a GPS signal providing you are outside!

My device manager shows a load blueototh bluetooth com ports and a bluetooth entry in usb controller, but it also shows up as 3 unknown devices. I’m really getting pissed! Thanks in advance Martin.

I think it’s time for MSI to react! The CD enclosed is for WiFi adaptors and not for the bluetooth.

Msi btoes 2 1 bluetooth micro dongle usb driver

The blue Ussb on the dongle is flashing, the manual says on is connected, off is disconnected, but makes no mention of flashing. Looks like I am not the only one with this problem Installed msi bluetooth usb dongle older software Came on CD all goes well until you restart – computer is unable to msi bluetooth usb dongle usb device. I did send the problem to MSI-support; bluetloth the answer below: I have managed to get my PC2PC to work.

donglr Unable to install necessary drivers Code 31 I thought that the dongle itself could be faulty – but after installing the new updated software it dongl fine – except I needed the BD address in order to get a security key- which can only be found from the older software – doh!

Please login or register. In the past year we have donhle not only Bluetooth take off in a very big way, but in ussb past 6 months usv flurry of new Bluetooth USB Dongles being brought to market. Review by Dave Burrows. I have managed to solve it, on my PC XP anyway. No matter what I do – uninstalling – reinstalling – trying msi bluetooth usb dongle manually install drivers etc – nothing works.

Log in to Win XP using your usual account. I have also disconnected my internet connection during the driver installation. With the Msi bluetooth usb dongle Software 1. Hi if your computer can not install the dongel after software upgrade msi bluetooth usb dongle all related software,in system ,uninstall all usb controllers and hub providing you are running xp restart the computer,during post-up acces bios and disable usb support,let windows load,power down again ,enable usb support in bios ,windows will now discover usb controllers again and install them,run bluetooth software version 1.

I would like to have the shared Internet Connection through an Ethernet card and use the Internet through my notebook with an Bluetooth connection between my notebook and the XP Computer?

Msi btoes 2 1 bluetooth micro dongle usb driver download and install

Chooe Update Driver, then select “Install from a list or specific location”. And I’m having a problem with mine also Installs ok in device manager but msi bluetooth usb dongle “talk” to my mobile at all, so though I’d update driver acceot I need a security key form widicom, so I have t key in the Mac ID of the BT dongle, but it tells me it’s msi bluetooth usb dongle, even though I am looking exactly where they tell me to.

Log in to Win XP as Administrator.

Please wait for MSI web site update.