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Jonster the reddit content policyincluding the provisions on unwelcome content and prohibited behavior. I’d recommend you use card stock, and use a VERY light amount of glue or it’s going to bleed through the paper that’s why I use the dots suggested above. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

D&D – Monster Tokens 8

We want your feedback. Share this project Done.

Problem is there are a LOT of monsters and each sheet of 88 medium creatures toknes well over an hour to do. Please submit feedback through the Customer Service Portal or send me a message. The table of contents thus reads like a very classic monster book, including old favorites like carrion crawlers, chromatic dragons, elementals, goblins, lizardfolk, owlbears, purple worms, and the undead.

I’ve tried the make-my-own-tokens thing several times before and it’s always cost more more time and money than I originally planned and ended up costing more than me just buying something that already existed. All images must be original content, must include [OC] or [Art] in the title, and must be accompanied by a description in the comments of at least downolad.

I’d suggest you shop around for those other items you can probably find better prices. You can adjust the size of the token up or down in size.

The goal of Essentials was to provide a new core of rule books that were simplified, updated, and errataed, so that they’d be easier to use. Stretch Goal 6 to If the mobile menu doesn’t work on your device then turn your phone sideways to view non-mobile version.

If you come up with something cool, please consider sharing here. Tweet Share Pin Email. There’s also links there to other really nice examples from different companies making paper-minis and papercraft terrain. The token is printed using state of the art super high resolution photograph quality printing techniques on super high grade materials.

I purchased the physical version of this which also includes a pdf. Thank you in advance! My buddy has all of those, fun game.

D&D – Monster Tokens 8

Includes Green Dragons, Ogres and Owlbears. Some use washers, buttons, bottle caps, magnets or pennies or whatever, but I prefer these because they look much more professional: Do not use URL shorteners. A lot less than I was expecting, so the price I don’t think will be an issue. We work with top fantasy artists to create beautiful, low cost monster tokens for use in any fantasy tabletop role-playing game.

The Essentials line was full of boxed sets; Monster Vault was a close match for the Dungeon Master’s Kitas they each featured a box that included a digest-sized book and a set of other components. Works great for me. Paizo turned Bulmahn’s side project into a compl The site is very easy to use.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Also, a printer could break down in which case it might take business days to repair however this is unlikely. Once complete will also give me many awesome tiles to use for a more traditional rpg game I have based on the fallout universe. We don’t want to make a dime from shipping and handling.

I am aware of Zombies!! You will be able to choose exactly the tokens you want for your reward. I never thought of that!